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Black Marquee Bar Event 1
Black Marquee Bar Event 1
Black Marquee Bar Event 1

Black Marquee Hire

Our black marquees are the perfect choice for those who want to create a memorable and visually striking atmosphere. They are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to suit a wide range of events, from weddings and corporate gatherings to private parties and special celebrations. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of glamour, create a sleek and modern ambiance, or make a dramatic impact, our black marquees are the ideal solution.

Black Marquee Hire 'beach' Theme With Lighting
Black Marquee Hire Corporate Event
Garden Party Black Marquee HIre

Coloured Marquee Hire Options

We are one of the only marquee hire companies in the South East that has a large range of coloured 3m x 3m gazebos. The gazebos come in a wide range of colours including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black.

Black Marquee Hire Corporate Event
Marquee Hire Questions

This depends on a number of factors e.g. you will need a larger marquee if your guests are to be seated as opposed to standing. If you call our office we’ll be happy to advise you as to what size marquee you’ll require.

Most small events don’t require a site visit. However if the event venue has complications that can’t be resolved in our booking process, or it’s a larger more complex event, then we would usually provide a site visit. All site visits would be at the earliest convenience after we receive event and venue information. Site visits are subject to a small fee which will be added to the deposit once the order is confirmed with us.

Yes. All of our marquees are made from the highest quality waterproof heavy duty coated PVC.

Our parasols are summer use only – not suitable for use in wet or windy weather, must be taken down in winds higher than 15mph.

Absolutely. Marquees are suitable throughout the year. We’ll always provide an appropriate amount of heating for marquees hired during the cooler months.

Of course, the ability to decorate a marquee is one of the unique selling points for choosing a marquee over another venue. We welcome customers to decorate their marquees.

It’s important for the client to be there for many reasons. These are to make sure everything is to their satisfaction, to have a demonstration on using the equipment, to notify of any site issues or potential problems, to answer any questions about electrics or other services, to sign documents on completion and to make any outstanding payments.

Our marquees can serve as an ‘extension’ or awning to a building if the space is suitable. Covered walkways are also possible. We always do our best to gutter our marquees to buildings if requested by the client.

Although it’s easier when marquees are erected on level ground, marquees can be erected on uneven ground.

Yes. The walls of our marquees can be opened and secured quickly and easily. Please see our gallery section for some examples of open marquees.

Of course. You can email us at as to advise the below marquee needs:

  • Full billing address including postcode
  • Full delivery / collection address including postcode
  • Dates and duration of event
  • Contact name, email and telephone number
  • Estimated guest number and if your guests be seated or standing?
  • Desired Marquee size if known as well as actual Location/Garden size (if you can include a wide photo of the space)
  • Will the marquee be on Hard Ground or Soft Ground?
  • Do you need Flooring and/or Lighting?
  • Full list of any Furniture and/or Catering hired items that you wish to hire with your marquee.
General Hire Questions

If you are unable to locate a product, please use the search box in the top right corner of the menu bar. Please use singular forms to have the best search results displayed (For e.g., when looking for a specific item like serving bowls, type in bowl in the Search box to see all bowls from across all ranges). All our hired items are displayed on our website. If you still cannot find what you need, please call us on 020 8457 5807 or email us at

We provide quotes based on the details you give us. If you have received a quote but would like to add or remove any items, just drop us an email reply and advise on any changes needed from your first sent quote. Once you are happy with your quotation and wish to go ahead with it, we will ask you for billing and logistical details and provide an invoice along with our bank details for payment via BACS only, prior to your delivery by at least 2 weeks.

You can ask for a quote either by using our dedicated Website Quote Request submission form (Similar to shopping online – click on an item to find out more about it but also to be able to add it to your quote request form, at the end create an account on our website. Please note there is also a box at checkout which you can use to write any additional information you might think is relevant to receive an accurate quote) OR by emailing us to as to advise the below:

Our specialist Marquee Team are on hand to advise on all aspects of hiring a marquee or gazebo. Call the Marquee Team on 020 8457 5807 to discuss your requirements and they will be happy to help you. We also offer a marquee site visit service so the team can make sure your event is a resounding success.

The prices quoted on the website are not inclusive of any taxes or of any delivery and collection charges. To receive an estimate of the items that you wish to hire for your event, please feel free to follow the steps above in receiving a quotation.

Our standard hire period is for 3 days or 4 days over a weekend (Friday – Monday). If you need the hire items for a longer period, please let our Sales Team know of your specific requested dates when requesting a quote by any of the means mentioned above and they will be able to advise on the cost for the longer period.

Charges for delivery and collection are dependent on your location and the size of your order. When we have the above details, we can give you an accurate quote. Additional charges may be incurred for out of hours, Sunday or Bank Holiday deliveries and/or collections.

If there is an adequate lift then delivery and collection upstairs is covered in the cost. If our Delivery Team have to carry the items upstairs additional costs will be incurred. We can advise on the cost for this when we have specific details about the number of flights of stairs.

Our standard delivery and collection period is between 9am and 5pm and we can normally offer a morning or afternoon slot on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Specific timed delivery and collection slots can be booked and will incur an additional charge.

Our warehouse no longer serves this service however please feel free to get in touch regarding receiving a quote with delivery and collection.

Our stock is available to hire subject to availability, so we do advise customers to book your items as early as possible. We can only accommodate last minute bookings subject to stock and/or logistical availability.

Amendments can be made to your order up to 24 hours prior to delivery but any changes are subject to availability (any additions subject to stock availability, logistical changes subject to logistical availability). Please refer to our terms and conditions of hire for our cancellation policy.

If your event is less than 2 weeks away, we will require payment in full. If your event is over 2 weeks away, we may require a holding deposit to secure the booking and the remainder of the payment is required 2 weeks before your event – subject to order size, your salesperson will advise you if a deposit is needed for your order. We accept payment by BACS only.

Account facilities are available subject to qualifying criteria and relevant credit checks.

All our orders are for each individual customer. Our unique AC numbers (example: AC123456) are randomly allocated and used solely to individually identify our customers on our system. In compliance with GDPR, if your contact details do not match the AC number given, we will ask you to double check your AC number and/or provide previous details from your previous allocated AC number.

We will deliver all ordered items direct to your agreed location and ask you to sign a delivery note. If there are any discrepancies at this point do highlight these so we can take relevant action quickly and efficiently. If you have ordered a marquee, gazebo, stage or dance floor then our specialist team will deliver, set up, take down and collect from you.

It is advisable to check all equipment on the day of delivery. Any problems should be highlighted the same day to our office so that it will enable us to rectify the problem prior to the start of your event.  We do have out of hours contact numbers and these are available by contacting our Sales Team on 020 8457 5807.

The slight damage waiver cost is 3% on the total hire amount of furniture, catering and event equipment. If the items can be repaired in house, you will not be charged for the damage. If the item cannot be fixed you will be charged the replacement cost of the item. Please refer to ‘Replacement Costs’ listed on the site for further information.

It is the hirer’s responsibility for all the equipment hired from Casablanca from the time of delivery through to the collection.

The full replacement costs are dependent on the items being hired. Check our Replacement Costs page for a full list of the costs.

Yes we do. When you book a marquee with Casablanca, you will be supplied with an emergency contact number

You can return washable items dirty to us. We charge a 20% wash charge on these items based on rinsing/discarding food off your hired items prior to your collection. The wash charge can no longer be removed post pandemic due to health and safety reasons – as we are a hire company who hires out regularly tableware these need to undergo a professional wash to ensure health and safety standards are kept not only for the tableware that you are now hiring out but also any future hires.

After collection your equipment will be returned to our warehouse where it will be counted back in and added back to stock. You will be informed within 5 working days by email or telephone of any items that are found to be missing, broken or damaged.

Our showroom is temporarily not accessible to our customers at this time; however, in the meantime, you can find pictures for all the items that we hire out on our website.

What Our Clients Say

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your teams on the day for a wonderful setup they gave us on this very special occasion.

Brilliant. Thanks again to you and the team for making this process so seamless and pragmatic. Really appreciate it.

I want to say just how pleased I was from start to finish with your service. The quote, set up and take down were all first rate.

Why Hire a Black Marquee?

Choosing a black marquee for your next event is a decision that promises to transform any gathering into an unforgettable experience. Black marquees stand out for their sheer elegance and sophistication, offering a striking contrast to the traditional white. They provide a unique, chic backdrop that is perfect for a range of occasions, from glamorous weddings to exclusive corporate events. Here’s why hiring a black marquee can elevate your event to the next level:

Versatile Styling Options

A black marquee acts as a stunning canvas for any theme or decor style. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek, modern look or a cozy, intimate ambiance, the boldness of a black marquee allows for endless creative possibilities. It beautifully complements vibrant colors, making them pop, while also serving as a sophisticated backdrop for a monochrome or minimalist theme.

Memorable Impressions

Events hosted under the canopy of a black marquee are remembered for their distinctive flair. The unusual choice of color immediately sets your event apart, creating a memorable experience for your guests. It’s not just an event space; it’s a statement piece that speaks volumes about the uniqueness of the occasion.

Photography Perfection

The unique aesthetic of a black marquee provides a stunning contrast that can enhance the visual appeal of your event photos. Photographers can play with lighting in new and interesting ways, ensuring that your event looks as incredible in pictures as it does in person. This makes a black marquee an excellent choice for events where photography is a key element.

All-Weather Elegance

Not only do black marquees provide a visually captivating setting, but they are also practical. The dark fabric is excellent at absorbing heat, making them a cozy option for cooler months, while their robust design ensures they can withstand the unpredictable British weather, come rain or shine.

Creating an Exclusive Atmosphere

The rarity of black marquees adds an element of exclusivity and luxury to your event. This choice tells your guests that they are about to experience something truly special. The elegance of a black marquee can enhance the overall ambiance, making every moment feel more significant and every space more intimate.

Opting for a black marquee hire is a great choice that can dramatically enhance the atmosphere of your event. It not only provides a practical, versatile space but also contributes significantly to the aesthetic and mood of your celebration. For those looking to make a lasting impression, a black marquee offers an unmatched blend of style, sophistication, and exclusivity. Transform your next event into an extraordinary experience with the elegance and allure of a black marquee.

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