Innovative entertainment ideas for any event

Regardless of the event you’re hosting, you’ll need to make sure that your guests are entertained throughout. Tasty food, delicious drinks, and a stunning venue are all important aspects to consider, however if you really want to impress your party, you’re going to need some unique, innovative entertainment to blow them away.

You could easily hire a live band, singer, or magician, but to create a lasting impression that stays with your guests way after the party’s over, thinking outside of the box is key.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most unique, enchanting, and mesmerizing entertainment ideas, ideal for any type of event.


LED Ballerinas

For those in search of something sophisticated, stylish, and unique, LED Ballerinas could be just what you’re looking for. With different costumes and routines, you can have them perform several times throughout your event, dancing elegantly through the room and sending your guests into a spin.

Prices start from around £200, and are available from a selection of London events entertainment companies. Warble Entertainment offer a number of options to match the theme of your event. Choose from LED butterfly ballerinas, LED Gatsby ballerinas, and even LED hula hoop ballerinas.


Edible Mist Orbs

To create a new element of mystery, why not have some edible mist orbs on the dessert stand? Created in 2011 by inventor Charlie Francis Harris, the weird and wonderful balls of mist offer a taste and flavour sensation that will leave your guests hungry for more.

So what are they? The Edible Mist Orbs create an inhalable micro mist which you suck up through a straw to get an instant zero calorie flavour hit.

According to Taste Me I’m Delicious, the orbs are perfect for zero calorie desserts, conference stand activation, brand flavour sampling, and drinks receptions, bringing something totally new to the table.

They come in a variety of flavours from chocolate pudding to apple pie, and for those looking for a hit of the hard stuff there’s also an alcohol cocktail section, with espresso martini and pina colada both on the menu.

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The Human Slinky

The Human Slinky concept was ignited on season two of America’s Got Talent, when Romanian circus performer, Veniamin, left Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasslehoff in shock with his mindblowing routine. Although he was rejected on the show, his performance led him to steal the spotlight at many high profile events – with event hosts around the world loving his originality.

If you can’t book the original, you can now find similar slinky acts based in the UK. The performer will dance and twist about the stage in impossible shapes and sizes that will leave audiences in awe.


Celebrity Lookalikes

Hosting an event worthy of A-List stars? Why not roll out the red carpet and trick your guests with a celebrity lookalike? You could take a trip back in time and have Marilyn Monroe greet your guests on arrival, or how about making the ladies swoon with the appearance of George Clooney?

To add some extra fun, you can even choose from a huge variety of movie characters, including Lara Croft, Borat, and Harry Potter.

Available from Classique Promotions, prices start from £500.


Interactive Art

Self expression is a form of art, so why not let your guests run wild and get creative by adding a piece of interactive art to the room? From giant chalkboards to virtual white boards and games, guests will love participating and putting their own special mark on your day.

Caricature artists, sand artists, and graffiti artists are also becoming increasingly popular, dazzling the room with their unique works, inspiring your guests with their talent.

Prices for artists start from £200 when booked through leading UK artist agencies.


Lightening show

For those who have some serious cash to splash, give guests a powerful shock with a unique and magnificent lightning show.

The mythical lightning show characters bring the elemental forces of nature to life in a spectacular production, with Tesla Performers wielding real bolts of high voltage electricity.

The arcs they manipulate can be up to 10 feet long and reach temperatures of 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is over half as hot as the surface of the sun!

Available in the UK, the Lords of Lightning duo battle against each other in a high voltage performance using bolts of electricity,

Through theatrical storytelling enhanced by fire, light and high voltage electricity, the shows are designed to remind us of the power of our choices and question what it means to be a hero in the modern day.

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Human tables

Want to cut out the waiter? Hire a human table instead. First seen on BBC’s Dragons Den, livng human tables are the perfect meet and greet entertainment for your next event.

They are either static tables or strolling tables and can serve your guests drinks and food. Available in a variety of costumes, there’s a character for almost any theme or occasion.

Themes include mermaid, Willy Wonka table, Grecian, and carnival.

Prices start from around £150 per table.