Step Up to Simplified Event Lighting Solutions

Marquee lighting

Lighting can make or break the success of any London event. If the venue looks magical, the chances are that the lighting helped create the brilliant atmosphere. The right lighting plays a special role in a successful outcome of any special event.

When it comes to lighting today, the key is to not only set the mood, it also creates that all important “Wow Factor” that impresses guests as they make their entrance into the venue. The problem is that dealing with a deluge of running cables is not only time consuming but unattractive.

Because of our years of experience in the event hire industry, we understand the need for simplifying event lighting installations. Fortunately, thanks to the development of LED lighting as well as lithium batteries, simplifying the lighting process is easier than ever.

The Visual Benefits of LED Lighting
LED lights provide aesthetically pleasing lighting that beautifully accent any area of a event’s venue, without the messy electrical work that’s typically required to hide the cabling that accompanies traditional lighting.

Available LED Lighting Products
LED lighting is available for just about every lighting preference, including mood lighting, pinspotting, uplighting, utility lighting, floodlighting, room lighting, artistic and architectural lighting and lighting effects for indoor and outdoor events. LED lighting is incredibly convenient and use a variety of common battery sizes, including lithium ion, AA, C and D, depending on the lighting you choose. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are lightweight and powerful, adding to the convenience of using LED lighting and are easy to set up.

LED lights with Automated Controls
Some of the best LED lighting options come with additional features like providing the controller with the ability to illuminate and dim at will, a great way to set the mood. Another great function is motion-sensing abilities that are often used to make sure that event participants can safely meander through an event safely. Some lighting fixture hires can also be pre-programmed prior to delivery.

CORE Lighting
A London-based company, CORE Lighting is known for their LED battery powered lighting options, including floodlights, spotlights and uplights. The company’s varied lighting products are innovative in design and durable in construction and are weatherproof. The company’s ColourPoint Mk2 uplights are particularly useful and weigh in at only 4kg, making them easy to deal with. These uplights are ideal for illuminating medium sized foliage and trees and are powerful enough to handle as much as three stories on a building. These uplights also provide exceptional lighting for marquee hires and tents. The ColourPoint M2 uplights also include 60 preset colours and the built in LED technology makes colour mixing easy. They also come with a wireless DMX control along with master/slave and adjustable PWM frequency for TV operation, all great features.

Let’s face it, there’s enough to do when you’re given the task of planning an event, without having to deal with cumbersome lighting installations. Instead, consider simplifying temporary lighting installations by using some of the innovative event lighting solutions mentioned here.