The most BIZARRE items left in hotel rooms by UK guests

Have you ever wondered what hotel maids find when they come to clean hotel rooms? You aren’t the only ones – and it turns out, some of the things left behind are insane.

To stop us pondering, the team at hotel chain, Travel Lodge, has revealed the weirdest items in thier lost and found office, ranging from Tiffany Engagement rings to giant 5ft unicorns.

Exploring their 571 properties in 2019, Travel Lodge has also revealed the wacky list of items also includes a brand new Aston Martin.

For those interested in the Tiffany engagement ring left behind, the wedding still went ahead, as luckily the hotel manager at London City Travelodge found the ring box soon after the guest had checked out and made a speedy trip to Heathrow airport and returned it to the man before his flight.

It was the housekeeping team at Leamington Spa Travelodge who found the gem. They also got another shock when they opened the door to a five-foot floral unicorn in one of the bridal rooms.

It’s not just objects either, as the hotel manager at Torquay Travelodge found a best man who had overslept and been left behind by the wedding party.

If that wasn’t enough, you can check out the full list of the most bizarre items below.


The most Bizarre items

  • A Tiffany engagement ring (London Central Travelodge)
  • An Aston Martin (Marlow)
  • A Vertu Touch mobile phone (Aberdeen Central)
  • Artwork for a company’s new brand logo (Edinburgh Park)
  • A three-foot long lucky heather wedding bouquet (Edinburgh Central)
  • A 30-year-old book full of celebrity autographs (Manchester Central Arena)
  • A diamond Chopard watch (Manchester Central)
  • A Persian chinchilla cat called Angel (Stirling)
  • A pair of alpacas called Ant and Dec (Stratford Upon Avon)
  • A five-foot unicorn made of flowers (Leamington Spa)
  • An urn containing ashes of a beloved father (Stowmarket)
  • A Gibson guitar (Welwyn Garden)
  • A 75-inch smart TV (Brent Cross)
  • A jewelled wedding saree (Wolverhampton)
  • Four-foot angel wings (Windsor)
  • Bridal Louboutin Swarovski shoes (Harrow)
  • The deeds to a shop (Harrogate)
  • A six-foot flower wall (Rugby)
  • A gingerbread village with residents (Cardiff Atlantic Wharf)
  • A pair of artificial six-foot palm trees (Cambridge Central)
  • A 65-year-old lucky charm Bonsai tree (London Waterloo)
  • A huge photo of a full moon used as a backdrop at a wedding (Liverpool John Lennon Airport)
  • A dissertation (Leeds Central)
  • A blood pressure monitor (Loughborough)



For the rest of us (who don’t own giant unicorns) the hotel chain also compiled a list of the most commonly forgotten items left behind. Next time you check out, be sure to check this list!

Most commonly forgotten items

  • Chargers for mobile phones and electronic devices such as laptops
  • Mobile phones, tablets and e-readers
  • Business papers / notepads / presentations
  • Books
  • Teddy bears
  • Toiletry bags with contents
  • Jewellery
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Gifts / presents

What have YOU left behind when staying at a hotel? Have you left anything more bizarre? If you have let us know! Follow us on Facebook!