The most spectacular Christmas lights in homes around the country

Did you spend hours de-tangling last year’s Christmas lights from the loft to create a festive display outside your home? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one, in fact, some of us spend MONTHS preparing our Christmas light displays – and we’re about to show you the cream of the crop.

A new interactive map has revealed the locations of the most impressive Christmas light displays in Britain. The map doesn’t pay any attention to town or city centre displays. Instead, it champions the efforts homeowners have gone to in bringing twinkling festive cheer to their local streets and villages.

You can see the full interactive map here.

Over 200 homes have been pinpointed, from Cardiff to Manchester – and  we are about to show you just how much effort people are going to for a dazzling driveway display.

The map was put together by car buying comparison site Carwow, which used social media and local news stories to find the ‘most extravagant, impressive and downright festive house and street displays in the UK’.

One of the places featured is the small village of Westfield in East Sussex, where around 30 homeowners deck out their properties in a kaleidoscope of lights in aid of St Michael’s Hospice. The lights shine every evening in December from 6pm, so if you live nearby you shouldn’t miss them!

That’s not the only display that made the map. This is a house in Trent Close in Bideford, Devon, which boasts 60 decorations using 47 household plug sockets!

In Cornwall, a home in Queen’s Crescent, Bodmin, pictured, is on the map thanks to its stunning festive arrangement. Pretty professional, don’t you think?

It takes the homeowner in Queen’s Crescent months to plan the annual festive display in his front garden which local families and children in the neighborhood often come to see.

The lights on five houses in Alpha Road in Brentwood, Essex, are also mapped, featuring 1,000 LEDs displaying effects synchronised to Christmas and pop music.

Another festive family home is Amberley Drive in the Hangleton area of Brighton. This property features ‘waterfalls, wishing wells, giant Santas and reindeer’.

Do you go to that much effort? If you do, please let us know and share your photos with us on Facebook.