The top five magical winter wedding trends for 2019

Planning a winter wedding can be tricky. The Great British weather is unpredictable, and you’ve got the added stress of keeping your guests warm and dry. Not only that but weddings in winter are often more expensive – so you’ll want to keep costs down where you can!

To help you plan your big day, we’ve got tips from International Wedding Planner and La Fête founder, Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, who has put together her top eight winter wedding trends if you’re getting married this winter. 

Take a look below.

1. Drowning in Glamour: Jewel Tones

This year’s seasonal colour palette is full of rich burgundies, bottle greens and amber tones, so if you want your day to be full of glamour, you’ll need to incorporate some of these beautiful jewel tones.

Why not opt for those colours for your bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s bow ties, or even, in a sash on your gown?


2. One Slice Fits All: Simple Wedding Cakes

Taking a step back to more traditional times, simple tiered bakes with dripped icing and dried fruit décor are bang on trend this winter. Forget fancy flavours, and embrace delicious rich fruit cakes for a real taste of winter. Simple doesn’t mean boring, just like the cake below, these can be elegant and just as effective.

Just make sure to have trays of cake backstage so that all your guests can enjoy.


3. A Warm Shot of Happiness: Alcoholic Treats

Why not choose liquor-filled truffles as favours? Alcohol and chocolate go notoriously well together and make for an indulgent bite.

When it comes to this winter’s drink trends, Anthony Hogan, Cocktail Expert and trends analyst says: “Focus on Whiskey, Bailey’s and Brandy type flavours, or if there are any varieties that are special to you as a couple. You could also have a chocolate bar during the evening, instead of a sweet bar, where guests could choose their own selection from.”


4. A Caffeine Kick: Coffee Bars

If you’ve had your guests outside in the cold weather for a photo shoot, why not warm them up and treat them to a warm coffee as part of the wedding breakfast. Lounge areas at weddings are often being designed around coffee bars now, where guests can take the weight off their feet and savour a hot drink: perfectly paired with a croissant.


5. Write me a love note: Blackboards

Whilst blackboards may remind you of school, they can be inexpensive, quirky and look fabulous at your wedding venue.

Think of hiring a chalkboard artist that can personalise the board with illustrations and calligraphy. You can also wrap the borders in foliage or flowers or display it on an easel, whatever you prefer. You could even have one on each table and ask guests to write you a message on the board instead of having a guest book. It’s a really fun way to get people involved and let people share happiness on the day.