Winter marquee know-how

It’s a common myth that marquees are a summer-only option, but here at Casablanca Hire we know better.  With the right approach, your marquee can be magical, warm and cosy even on the chilliest of days.

Of course, the ultimate starting point is having the right marquee. We have a reputation for superior quality marquees, made from heavy duty materials that can withstand even the roughest weather.

Our marquees are set up by experienced professionals too, so you can take comfort in knowing that your tent will be solid and warm, with no draughty corners or fear of waving goodbye to canvas flying away in the wind!

Next up is flooring. Forget the uneven ground, sinking heels or soggy shoes that you may have experienced with marquees in the past.  We offer interlocking floors which are solid, sturdy and safe.  Add another layer of texture with our carpets available for hire in a variety of colours, guaranteed to give that proper indoor feel.

Heating is, of course, a must – and we’ve got you covered!  Our heaters are supplied with fuel for 12-14 hours and are filled up on site by our team (additional fuel can of course be supplied). You are guaranteed safety with all of our heaters tested before every hire on leaving the warehouse and again once set up on location. If you have an outdoor area for smokers, patio heaters are also available.

The icing on the cake comes with mood lighting. From festoon lights to uplighters, the right lighting can add a beautiful depth and warmth to your marquee.

Finally, the finishing touch is getting your guests from arrival into the marquee under shelter. For this, we can supply marquees that provide a covered walkway, solid flooring and of course lighting, guaranteeing warm and dry guests from the moment they arrive.

Aside from your equipment, there are a few other tricks to adding a warm feel to your winter marquee…

Create a welcoming feeling to your marquee by using orange or yellow lighting along your walkway and at the entrance – this begins to suggest warmth before your guests have even entered your marquee.

Style your event using warm colours, rich draped fabrics, soft furnishings, chandeliers or lanterns and plenty of twinkle to create a sumptuous and cosy atmosphere.

Colours to avoid if possible are shades of white and blue, which are ‘cold’ colours.

Depending on your event, consider offering refreshments that suggest warmth, for example decadent hot chocolate, warm mulled cider or Irish coffee.

If the idea of a cavernous marquee puts you off, use smaller tents with doors to create rooms – this way you can even adapt the theme or décor from one area to the next. An area with luxurious sofas and blankets and another with the dancefloor and entertainment is a great way to split the space.


A great marquee, constructed well with the right accessories is not only as warm and dry as any building, but has the magic of the added cosy factor. If you fancy a winter marquee, do get in touch and we’d love to help create your winter wonderland.