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When the chill sets in, don’t let the cold dampen the spirit of your outdoor event. Our heaters hire service ensures that your guests stay warm and comfortable, making your gatherings cozy and inviting, no matter the season.

Specializing in a variety of high-quality, reliable heaters, we cater to all types of events – from intimate garden parties and elegant weddings to large corporate functions and outdoor festivals. Our range includes everything from sleek, silent electric heaters that blend into any setting to powerful, robust gas heaters designed for larger spaces.


Patio Outdoor Heater Hire

Elevate your outdoor gatherings with our patio heater hire service, designed to keep your spaces warm and inviting. Choose from our selection of stylish and efficient patio heaters to ensure your events are comfortable and memorable, regardless of the weather.


Inferno Heater Hire

Transform your outdoor events into cozy, welcoming spaces with our patio heater hire service, perfect for any occasion. Our reliable and stylish patio heaters provide the warmth your guests need to enjoy your gathering in comfort, no matter the temperature outside.


Ducted Blow Heater Hire

Ensure your event space is uniformly warm and comfortable with our ducted blow heater hire service, ideal for large tents, marquees, and warehouses. These powerful heaters efficiently distribute heat, maintaining an optimal temperature throughout your event, ensuring guests stay cozy even in the coldest conditions..

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