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Coffee Percolator Hire – 16L

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Stainless steel coffee percolator.

  • 7amp/1.5kw
  • 16l or 100 cups
Using the coffee percolator

1. Remove the lid by rotating so that the retaining lugs slide out from the handles.

2. Pour cool water into the urn to the desired level as seen in the water level indicator (minimum 25 cups)

3. Fill the basket (number 3) with medium or percolator ground coffee to the corresponding level marked on the inside of the filter basket

– 8mm – 25 cups = 160-175g

– 16mm – 50 cups = 320-350g

– 24mm 75 cups = 480-525g

– 32mm 100 cups = 650-700g – These are rough guidelines and should only be adjusted to suit the coffee used and strength required

4. Cover the filter basket by the basket cover (number 2)

5. Slide the basket tray (number 4) onto the percolator tube and place inside the urn making sure that the foot of the tube is positioned centrally in the well.

6. Slide the filter basket with cover onto the percolator tube then replace the urn lid.

7. Plug the coffee percolator into the socket and press the power switch (number 12)

8. When the coffee ready neon (number 9) lights up, the brewing process is complete. The coffee will be kept at the correct temperature and the coffee can be served. The tap has two positions – one self-closing for smaller amounts and the other self-holding for continuous pouring.

9. When there are only about 3 cups left in the urn switch off the urn and unplug from the socket.

For best taste do not keep the coffee for longer than 2 hours

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Weight 0.00000000 g
Dimensions 16.0 cm

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