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Ducted Blow Heater Hire

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Please note: It can only be supplied with our structures as a heating option

Our blow heaters are supplied with fuel for 12 – 14 hours and will be filled up on site by our team to avoid any spillages or damage during the installation.

Additional fuel can be supplied if required; more info here .
Please note that our blow heaters are checked and tested in our warehouse before each hire, your delivery driver checks them again when loading and they are tested again when delivered and put in a position at the venue. We will demonstrate how to operate the heaters to a suitable responsible person.

Starting the Heater

  1. To turn on the machine, do the following:
  2. Flip the On/Off switch to the position with the symbol: ON – the fan comes on and after several seconds the heater starts burning. The first time the heater is used, or after the fuel circuit has been completely drained, the flow of fuel oil to the nozzle may be insufficient and may activate the flame cut out mechanism, which will turn off the heater. If this happens, wait for about a minute and then press the reset button to start the machine again.

The first steps to take if the machine does not work are the following:

  1. Check that there is fuel in the tank.
  2. Press the reset button

Turning off the Heater

To turn off the machine move the On/Off switch to the the ‘OFF’ position. The flame will go off and the fan will continue to function until the combustion chamber has cooled down completely.

Safety Devices

The heater is equipped with an electronic device to control the flame. If there is an anomaly in the functioning, the machine will be turned off and the reset button light will come on. An over-heating thermostat cuts in and shuts off the fuel supply if the heater overheats: the thermostat resets itself automatically when the temperature in the combustion chamber diminishes and reaches the maximum permitted value.

Before turning the heater on again, the cause of the overheating must be identified and removed (for example, a blockage in the suction orifice and/or of the air flow duct, the non-functioning of the fan). To turn the machine on again, press the reset button and repeat the specific instructions outlined in the section ‘Starting the Heater’.

WARNING: The electric power cable of the heater must be earthed and must have a differential magnetothermal switch. The electric plug must be connected to a socket which has a disconnecting switch.


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